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We develop structure and processes for leaders in the same manner as six-sigma develops structure and processes for operations.

    To Qualify:
  • Our certified users earn a series of belts that signify competency to apply the Zynity Leadership™ Methodology and body of knowledge to assist others in their use of the attending capabilities. The outcome is more effective and efficient leaders and organizations.
    The belts get earned by completing online courses and participating in guided practicum with uses of the Methodology with companies.
    The body of knowledge is available in a series of books entitled The Framework for Leading™, written by Dwaine Canova and available via Amazon.
  • Our Business Model:
  • The business model is the same as Six-Sigma as our students complete certification steps which qualifies them at varying levels of capability. Students take the courses on their schedules. They pay for each certification separately.
  • Value to the Students:
  • Once certified, students improve their ability to earn more money and develop a new executive coaching business or add to the offerings of their existing executive coaching business. The result is more income for the practitioners and improved performance for the leaders they serve and the organizations the leaders operate.