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The Gap

The gap needing a solution is...

There is no readily available solution to facilitate creating executive leadership systems. Executive leadership teams are not creating their executive leadership system.

The Framework for Leading™ is the foundational methodology for executive leadership teams. The Zynity Leadership Institute’s mandate is to continue developing and refining the methodology. Research, educational programs, and engagement with users of the methodology are the activities available to evolve the value of the methodology.

The Zynity Leadership Institute (ZLI) is collaborating with Zynity Leadership (ZL) to solve this problem and make a solution available to the public. ZLI provides research and education for the methodology, and ZL provides the specially designed related technology.

All other parts of organizations get conducted with a methodology and the use of specially designed related technology (examples are; accounting, sales, marketing, and operating systems such as enterprise resource planning tools). Presently there is no comparable solution for executive leadership teams.

The combined work of ZLI and ZL will bridge/fill this gap.

The Framework for Leading™ methodology is copyrighted and presented in a series of books written by Dwaine Canova. Dwaine Canova is a successful international business person. The methodology is the product of his practical experience.